Because retirement isn't just about money. 
Inspired Retirement offers non-financial planning and coaching to help you plan for a happy and fulfilling retirement 
Most of society has been taught that if we save enough money and have a financial plan, everything else will fall into place.  The truth is, retirement has a lot of moving parts and it can be incredibly stressful.  In fact, retirement is ranked in the top 10 of most stressful life events. 
Initially, many people feel elated about retirement.  However, after the "honeymoon" has ended, sadness, loneliness, or depression may set in as retirement coes to look very different from what it was initially anticipated to be. 
In North America, we are taught that we should lead productive working lives and yet suddenlly, when one retires, our work role identities no longer exist and many of us feel a large void.  A great number of people, especially those who are career oriented, may suddenly feel empty and directionless, which can lead to depression.
Shockingly, it is estimated that up to 1 in 5 seniors experience depression, bringing with it an increase in other health issues including alcohol and substance abuse, an increased incidence of diabetes and cardiac disease, as well as suicide.  
Luckily, it doesn't have to be that way.  Inspired Retirement is here to help

With Inspired Retirement you will discover: 

A deeper understanding of yourself and your inner patterns
Tips for living a more fulfilling life in retirement
How to avoid the common pitfalls that tend to send retirees off-course
Ways to make the most of your retirement - right from day one
Proven strategies to overcome your obstacles
A place to analyse your inner thoughts and feelings
Clarity in your life purpose
Steps to maximise your independance and quality of life as you age

Inspired Retirement Coaching

is available in your choice of 2 formats:

For those independent types who prefer to go it alone…




A unique, online, 
self-directed program that
encourages self-reflection and
planning at your own pace



     -  Available on web / Apple / Android

     -  Micro-lessons & Journalling

     -  90 day program

     -  Access to Online Community

        and Bi-weekly discussions

For those pragmatic types who want to focus on the need-to-know



1-on-1 coaching
for those looking for more
directed and personalized
planning experience


     -  In-Person / Phone / Zoom
     -  Personalized
     -  Specific to your needs / issues
     -  Access to Online Community
         and Bi-weekly discussions

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